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    Re: [RC] [RC] doing your own hoof trimming - Rob

    Unfortunately most of the so called Shoeing Schools and/or Farrier's
    Academies do not teach the farrier how to properly trim the horses hoof.
    If it is done as I described you'll be fine. This is the exact same
    method taught to the pre vet students at the California Polytechnic
    University, Pomona. The class is taught by 1 farrier and two doctors
    with PhD.'s in equine physiology. The same two doctors that dissect over
    4000 horse legs obtained from the slaughter house in ElMonte CA. Their
    finding proved that 95% of the legs they dissected had crippling damage
    done to the skeletal structure that was directly caused by the farrier
    school graduate trimming and/or shoeing it's hooves. That's 3800 out of
    4000 horses crippled by shoeing school graduates. If the procedure is
    done exactly as detailed, your doing it as best as it can be done. If
    you lack the talent, skills, or confidence needed to recognize the
    identifying structures that determine the depth of your cuts, as well as
    the ability to properly handle a horse as well as the tools you'll be
    using, Then I'd advise you to leave the task to someone that has the
    mettle to handle it.
    Rob Kalb
    Rob's Equine Hoof Care
    Phelan CA
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