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    Re: [RC] hauling water - Tamara Woodcock

    I use the 35 gallon food grade plastic barrels. I've used ones containing root beer concentrate, syrup, juice, etc. I have a plastic off/on tap (looks just like the regular outdoor faucets) on the top. I've also used the plastic bungs that you used to be able to find for kerosene cans, but no one seems to stuck these in plastic any more, only metal.

    I plan on 1 barrel for 1 horse.

    I like the 35 gallon ones better than the 50 gallon ones because I usually tip the barrel over since the trailer is high enough then to get a bucket under the tap, it works fine. I can move around the 35 gallon size. I can't manage the 50 gallon size at all.

    Tamara Woodcock
    Scurry, Texas
    "I live in my own little world, but it's okay, they all know me here."

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