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    Re: [RC] I am A Wintec Woman !! - Jennifer Billings

    I also use this saddle and love it !! Where do you buy the fleece stir-up covers ?
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    Subject: [RC] I am A Wintec Woman !!

    Hi Melanie & everyone !
     I love my Wintec 2000 w/ Cair Panels !!  If you put the real fleece stirrup covers on, you may just fall in love !!  I use the 2" wide real fleece ( in black, to match my saddle ) and they contour like small cushy fenders.  I use half chaps, and wear sneakers.  I like the "regular" hanging stirrups- I am not very long legged and would feel constricted- don't fence me in ! Seriously- I am very happy with this set up.  I ordered the gullet kit, and am currently using one between the average and wide.  This will accomodate 90% of the horses I own and ride.  The gullet kit seems to give the saddle more structure but maintains the lighter weight.  I have also noticed over the years that I prefer a larger saddle for endurance to be more comfortable, and to accomodate the English Sportpack that sits on the rim of the cantle. Don't feel odd ordering a saddle 2" larger than your usual western saddle size- it's apples and oranges. Als! o- when you are in the middle of nowhere at mile 45 who re ally cares as long as you are comfortable ! Happy Trails ! - Heidi Helly

    [RC] I am A Wintec Woman !!, Vchorsegal