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    Re: [RC] [RC] doing your own hoof trimming - Maggie Mieske

    Sorry....but trimming a horse is not as simplistic as this sounds.  We just
    saw a gal's own trim job.  Butchered her horses' feet.  I have helped Nelson
    for the last several years handing him tools and researching current methods
    and new products.  I would never ever be able to trim a hoof.  I don't have
    the eye for it. I doubt many do.  I also don't have the physical strength
    for it.  Trying the patience of a horse by making it submit to an amateur's
    efforts at trimming could create troubles down the road.  Believe me, by the
    time that gal who trims her own feet got us there, her horses were a
    nightmare to handle their feet....they learned they could pull them away
    whenever they wanted to.  Trimming a foot is definitely not the same as
    picking it up to clean it out!  I DO NOT advocate trying to trim your own
    horses' feet unless you are willing to dedicate some time to education which
    might mean some time spent with your farrier.  It's a shame I don't have the
    talent for it because I have spent so much time helping Nelson, I probably
    know as much or more than some of the ones graduating from a "school".  I
    still could never trim my horses' feet.  Just my opinion.
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    Re: [RC] [RC] doing you rown hoof trimming, Rob