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    [RC] trimming your horse - Paddi

    I have been trimming my horses for over a year under close supervision of my hoof care specialist. After 25 years she quit shoeing but that is a no comment subject....
    I tend to trim a little to long because like cutting hair you can always go shorter but you can't ad more. Growth takes time.
    I have injured myself with the knife slipping, taken the knees out of many pairs of jeans with the rasp, taken finger tips off with the rasp but so far my horses are great.
    I would not do this without the teaching and guidance of Susan. I still pay her to do them once in awhile because it is darn hard work. ( I have to really plead or hope she wants to trade for some tack or gear)The dry weather has made it even harder. My horses feet are made of stone right now.
    I am building a foot bath.
    Running the trough over makes them worse. the mud sucks what lilttle moisture they have right out.
    A good farrier is worth their wieght in gold.