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Re: RE: arab lines that do well in endurance

Title: RE: RC: RE: arab lines that do well in endurance
People get the hip and the croup confused.  A long hip is necessary to athleticism, and a degree of slope to it is helpful.  But a horse can have a long, sloping hip and still have a relatively flat croup, depending on the tail set and how the hip and entire pelvic area is muscled.  The "flat croups" that are so detrimental to athleticism are the ones that result from a tipped pelvis where the hip is also quite flat and shallow, and there is no divergence between the line of the pelvis and the line of the croup.
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There are some people that argue that a flat croup is a desireable characteristic for long distance competitions…  I like the sloping croup because we have lots of mountains out West, and feel like the sloping croup is more powerful for those long hill climbs.

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