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Goodbye to my friend

    Well I had my 34 year old wonderful Arab mare, Zarreyn, put down today.  It was such a hard decision and so difficult to say goodbye to this sweet old friend.  I bought her when she was six years old, had her for a number of years, got 3 beautiful foals from her; sold her to my sister-in-law when I was divorced with 3 children to take care of; and took her back 10 years ago when my sister-in-law was going to send her to the auction as a 24 year old.  (Only the killers would have bought her.)  Last time it rained hard here, just prior to Xmas, Zarreyn layed (or fell) down in the corral and had such a hard time getting up because of the slippery mud.  I thought I was going to have to call the vet out then. And my grandchildren were here and I hoped they wouldn't have to see her go.  So I made the decision to euthanize her on a nice warm day when she was dry, full, and still on her feet.  And not to put it off until she could not get up any longer.   (She had also fallen down a couple of times when the ground was dry and had trouble getting back on her feet.)  My sweet vet sedated her first, then I went in the house and he did all the rest, including covering her with my tarp and removing her halter.  About half an hour later the removal truck arrived and she was taken away. 
    My other two horses, a 5 yo gelding, and a 24 yo mare, did not react during the euthanasia or to her laying in her corral covered up.  And they could see all from their corrals.  But when the removal truck left with Zarreyn's body, they got wild.  Running, calling for her, rearing, and it was so sad to watch them.  I let my mare, Razzi, out of her corral and she ran all over my fenced yard looking and calling. I fed them carrots and oat hay pellets to distract them, and they would each eat a bite then run and call.  My gelding calmed down in a half hour or so but my mare just keeps looking and calling and running around.  It must be something like when a foal is weaned and the mother keeps looking and calling for the foal.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how long this might continue, or what I can do to help my mare?
    Thanks for letting me ramble.

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