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Getting vets..

After hearing most of the valuable input by our members (and ride
directors) about getting more vets and paying more to vets and
contemplating their input, let me say this:

I think that in the past that we had many local vets that had clients
that were endurance riders as well as the ride manager. They felt that
it was part of a thank you to them, as clients, to help out with an
endurance ride once a year. Now however, we are looking to meet demand,
more people wanting to enjoy the sport. There are so far only a limited
number of places and rides to put on these events. So as we have more
rides in the same place (areas) or even more rides, we will be needing
more vets. For the new vets that we need to get into this sport we need
to get their attention, i.e.: educational aspect, vacation aspect, fun
group aspect, volunteer aspect and the pay aspect.

We need to encourage all of these.  I think that all of the first four
has already reached the much of the saturation point and we need to find
additional incentives for new vets (and the current ones) to help us
with more and larger rides.

My point is that as a ride gets larger, the vets should get paid more. A
vet scale will help that.

Next up. How to decrease the number of vets needed at a ride......

Steve Shaw

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