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Last chance to support "Taking Care"

I'm sure by now not many of you haven't heard about this project.  If
you haven't and want to know more, email me and I'll send you the flyer
describing what we're up to.

I'll be leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) for a round of meetings before
leaving for Reno.  The last opportunity I will have to print email will
be Thursday morning about 8:00am Mountain time.  If you want to support
this concept, please let me know via email by that time.  If you don't,
please let me know that too.

A group of us will be at Reno gathering signatures as well.  Look for us
around if you'd like to express your support that way.

The supporters of "Taking Care" reads like a "Who's Who" of Endurance.
Many thanks to everyone who's taken the time to email.  Hopefully you
have all emailed your Regional Directors as well.  We are not nearly
where I thought we'd be in terms of numbers.  The input that we've
gotten from BOD folks suggests that we really need the grassroots
support to get this thing done at Reno.

If you haven't taken the time to email, ask yourself, "Why Not?", and
send an email one way or the other...
n:Ashbach;Elizabeth L.
org:Cygnet Land Group, LLC
adr;quoted-printable:;;2500 Kechter Rd.=0D=0A;Ft. Collins;CO;80528;
fn:Elizabeth L. Ashbach

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