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Re: RC: RE: Ariat Boots & worming

--- Kathy Mayeda <> wrote:
> The PreventiCare progam looked really interesting to
> me, but it won't
> work because my horses are in a pasture boarding
> situation.  However,
> I read on another list that there is some resistence
> to the daily
> Strongid C developing. 

   Farnam has a daily wormer (Continuex) out now with
the same ingredients as Strongid C...Its much cheaper
and they also offer a "continucare" program very
similar to the preventicare program, with the major
difference being you can purchase the wormer from any
dealer( Strongid C program makes you purchase it from
a vet to comply and get the colic coverage). Also as a
special promo, Farnam is giving a free tube of
zimectrin with purchase of the daily wormer....not a
bad deal! you can get the details at


> The local vets have no problem with us doing our own
> worming except

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> Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 1:35 PM
> To:
> Subject: RC: Ariat Boots & worming
> Well, these are the only boot - or shoe - I can buy
> and wear all day
> right 
> away.  Needless to say I have lots of them!  I buy
> them all from the
> same 
> place, FarmGro, Newberg, Oregon.  If you have any
> problem with anything 
> purchased there they replace it or fix it - no
> problems.  Right away.
> They 
> do take mail orders.  Great folks to do business
> with. 
> On the worming issue, we have all our horses signed
> up for Pfizer's 
> PreventaCare program (4 of them, plus 1 26 yr. old
> who is on the program
> but 
> not signed up) so they get wormed by the vet 2 x a
> year and daily
> StrongidC 
> the rest of the time.  I wormed with Quest once and
> I thought my vet was
> going to stroke out.  He is usually pretty good
> about our doing things 
> ourselves but this was one product he was not happy
> with our using.   
> Kathleen
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