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re:Ariat boots


I just wanted to give my comments on Ariat boots.  I bought my first pair 
when they first came out about 5 or 6 years ago.  I would walk into a 
tack/western type store and the rep would be sittting there almost begging 
customers to sit down and try these extremely comfortable riding boots on and 
if you just tried them on you would then get an Ariat baseball cap.  Well I 
did so and thought they were most comfortable.  I bought a pair and upon the 
first day of slipping them on my feet, felt as though I were in a pair of 
shoes I had been wearing for years.  I wore those boots faithfully for about 
4 years or so and they seemed to never give out.  Finally I had to let them 
go.  I then bought a new pair, well the styles had changed some over the 
years and the price went up and up.  I finally decided on a pair for about 
$150.00.  I started wearing them and after about two hours would need to take 
them off as they seemed to be hurting my feet.  Well I started feeling as 
though the boots were not being made of the same leather.  They had becomer 
so popular, but it seemed in the process their quality of leather and 
workmanship had deteriated.  It has taken me almost a year to really feel 
comfortable in these boots.  It's a shame that when a product starts out 
being so great and as soon as it starts to sell like crazy, it all of sudden 
goes down hill.  Throughout the years I have purchased several different 
syles of Ariat boots and have had to send one pair back, due to them falling 
apart with in 3 mos.  

I will not buy another pair.
Thanks for listening   Debra/Memphis TN

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