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RE: RE: Re: quest

What does anthelcide cover that ivermectin doesn't?  I've wormed
for years with ivermectin only before I decided to do Quest and
then ultimately Panacur purge. Ivermectin is pretty broad spectrum
unlike Anthelcide, except it doesn't take care of the encysted small
strongyles, which is what the Panacur purge is taking care of. Panacur purge
is ROTATED every six months in lieu of the ivermectin, not in addition

I checked a couple of on-line vet catalogs and Anthelcide and Strongid
covers stuff already taken care of by ivermectin.  And the only
thing that Quest has over ivermectin is the encysted small strongyles,
which is why I do the Panacur PURGE (not just the one-time paste).
There is no reason that I can see to dose Anthelcide and Strongid
in addition to ivermectin, but I could see it in a rotation which will
actually reduce the cost.

So Quest at $14 x 4 times a year (3 month dose) - $56.

Ivermectin at $10 (more realistic price) x 4 times a year = $40, plus
Panacur PowerPak (the purge) at $60 x 2 times a year = $160.  Not exactly
economical, even if you substitute Anthelcide for 2 of the ivermectin doses.

But this is all moot point - we could play with all the numbers we want
but I still won't use Quest anymore, even if it is more economical.

Panacur PowerPak was amazing - I did see a dramatic improvement in my
horses condition after using it!


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From: Carolyn Burgess []
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 10:05 AM
Subject: RC: RE: Re: quest

On the cost issue, it is more expensive than other alternatives.  You
making the assumpsion that I would use ivermectin in place of Quest,
is not completely the case.  I rotate, so Quest would take the place of
ivermectin and something like Anthelcide.  Quest costs me $14,
ivermectin is
$9 and Anthelcide is >$4. And then if you talk about combining with
($6/tube), it is very expensive.


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>Cost wise, Quest is supposed to be dosed at 3 month intervals vs. 2
>so the argument may be made that it's less expensive than the
>But the Quest itself is a safety issue.  When it gets to the point that
>conventional vet advises against a product as my vet did, the threat
>more real to me.  I was advised to do the Panacur purge in lieu of
Quest to
>get the encysted small strongyles.  Yep, more expensive by at least 3X
>pain in the behind to dose 5 days in a row, but better safe than sorry.
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>From: Carolyn Burgess []
>Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 6:36 AM
>Subject: RC: Re: quest
>I have only used Quest once, without any incident on my 3 horses.
>at $14/tube and not finding any significant benefit, I have not added
>my worming routine mainly because there is no added benefit for the
>Carolyn Burgess
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> >I had a horse develop neurological symptoms after having been given
> >(in a proper dosage).  Ruled out EPM.  The vet said he was seeing
> >more horses with apparent neurological problems and the common
> >was Quest.  Extensive tests found nothing wrong with the horse.
> >vets,
> >acupuncture and chiropractic, later all three vets told me there was
> >nothing
> >wrong with my horse.  But she still couldn't canter.  Literally
> >canter, like she couldn't figure out which foot should go where.  She
> >been able to previously.  I leased her to a home as a trail horse
>where, a
> >year later, she is doing well.  If I still had her, I'd try her on
> >diet just to see.  So, I don't know if it was the Quest or not but,
> >advice of three vets I respect and their anecdotal experiences, I
> >it any more.
> >
> >Kathryn
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> > > jc
> > > I would like to hear from epople that have bad experiences with
> >and
> >what action you took, with what results....thanks   jc
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