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Re: RC: Re: quest

I have only used Quest once, without any incident on my 3 horses.  However, 
at $14/tube and not finding any significant benefit, I have not added it to 
my worming routine mainly because there is no added benefit for the added 

Carolyn Burgess

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>I had a horse develop neurological symptoms after having been given Quest
>(in a proper dosage).  Ruled out EPM.  The vet said he was seeing more and
>more horses with apparent neurological problems and the common denominator
>was Quest.  Extensive tests found nothing wrong with the horse.  Three 
>acupuncture and chiropractic, later all three vets told me there was 
>wrong with my horse.  But she still couldn't canter.  Literally couldn't
>canter, like she couldn't figure out which foot should go where.  She had
>been able to previously.  I leased her to a home as a trail horse where, a
>year later, she is doing well.  If I still had her, I'd try her on the EPSM
>diet just to see.  So, I don't know if it was the Quest or not but, on the
>advice of three vets I respect and their anecdotal experiences, I don't use
>it any more.
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> > jc
> > I would like to hear from epople that have bad experiences with Quest, 
>what action you took, with what results....thanks   jc
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