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It's a Drug

Looks like this is going to be one of those "hot" threads. Well, at least itís 
endurance related <grin>
Kathy Myers wrote:
>>I guess you could put APF in the "drug" catagory as long as you also put good 
quality Dynamite vitamins and good worming in the drug catagory as well. And 
Carbo-charge... and electrolytes... and redcell... and biotin...In addition to 
an effective worming schedule, the best feed I can get, good quality vitamins, 
APF (herbal), and CS / GAGSto support my horse's joints, <<
Yup, these are drugs. Are they legal? Yes. Will they stay that way? Yes. Is APF 
legal? Thatís what this argument is about, and it boils down to an  
interpretation of Rule 13. Letís not get carried away into debates that were 
settled years ago, and arenít the subject matter of this argument.

>>You want to ban horses that tie-up? Or you want to allow a horse that might 
have a history of tying-up to compete with a supplement that supports the 
metabolic processes in the muscle tissue?<> 

My understanding of this drug is that it might do more than that.  Finodyne 
will help a horse with colic. You canít compete on it, though. Sorry, Kathy, 
that dog wonít hunt. The fact that this product helps tying up makes it a 
wonderful drug for horses that tie up. Whether it does anything further which 
brings it within the ambit of Rule 13 has to be decided seperately.
>> If vitamins could fix a horse that tiesup, would they be against the
I believe Iíve already answered that.
>>APF is *not*performance enhancing... ie, a horse is not going to run a
faster mile course just because he got 2ml's of APF in his feed.<<
As far as I know, thatís not the test. APC doesnít make a horse work better, 
but it sure as hell keeps his mind on the dressage test, which is why itís 
banned. I might be off here, but my memory of FEI rules is that the test is not 
"enhancement" of performance, but "affect" on performance, which includes 
psychological affect. That is all part of the debate surrounding Rule 13. I 
still donít think youíve taken that debate any further.
>>Dr. Mike, you have to remember when you come up with something truely
revolutionary that really helps an athlete be and stay healthy (and thus
also *might* threaten those who have been playing thegame *their way*)
you will get shot at by any loose cannon within range. And that's what
I'm seeing here.<<
Well, I wouldnít say that South African is "in range" of anyone,except maybe, 
Botswana! And as I have not done endurance, I donít think anyone can accuse me 
of playing the game at all, let alone "my way". My concern is that somebody 
would think that, just because something is of "herbal extraction" and just 
because it is not on the current list of banned substances, it is fine and 
dandy to give it to your horse. I remember a time Reserpine had a similar 
"tag". You know Reserpine : the drug people give to Schizophrenics and manic-
depressives and, lately, horses? Does squat diddly for physical performance, but
makes them a damn side more managable!  I also know of some dressage riders who 
give Marijuana to their horses.  I just don't think it's sporting.
Nobody is knocking the efficacy of Dr Mikeís product. If it werenít effective, 
no-one would use it. What Iím asking is that people take a good long look at 
whether we should be giving it to an endurance athlete.

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