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Re: quest

I had a horse develop neurological symptoms after having been given Quest
(in a proper dosage).  Ruled out EPM.  The vet said he was seeing more and
more horses with apparent neurological problems and the common denominator
was Quest.  Extensive tests found nothing wrong with the horse.  Three vets,
acupuncture and chiropractic, later all three vets told me there was nothing
wrong with my horse.  But she still couldn't canter.  Literally couldn't
canter, like she couldn't figure out which foot should go where.  She had
been able to previously.  I leased her to a home as a trail horse where, a
year later, she is doing well.  If I still had her, I'd try her on the EPSM
diet just to see.  So, I don't know if it was the Quest or not but, on the
advice of three vets I respect and their anecdotal experiences, I don't use
it any more.

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> jc
> I would like to hear from epople that have bad experiences with Quest, and
what action you took, with what results....thanks   jc
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