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Re: RC: RE: Re: quest

I sent this only to Jessica by accident this morning - meant to send it
to RC, so I'm sending it now:

Not sure Steph considers worming an endurance related topic and I know
the Quest question has been up before; but I want to relate that every
time our clinic has heard, either by word of mouth or over the internet,

we've gone to the rep for the company and had him follow up what
happened.  Unless we are being completely naive, we've been satisfied
with what we've heard;  -things like when they go looking for a person
making a complain over the internet, they just simply can't find
anyone;  or they'll find the horse was so full of worms before using the

Quest that any wormer with a heavy kill rate would have caused a
problem.  (We tell our clients if they've bought or obtained a horse
that might not have been on a regular worming schedule, it is best to
give strongid first as it doesn't kill everything the way some of the
others do.  Then go to ivermectin or Quest.)  By the way, our clinic
also recommends using only 1/2 tube of Quest per 1000 pound horse.  It
is as effective as the whole tube, except against bots.  Tobe able to
compete with ivermectin for bot control, they have to double the dosage
which makes it more expensive and, of course, more poison for the
horse.  The only time we worry about bots up in Alberta is in late fall
and we then use ivermectin as a rotation anyway.

Just my 2 cents worth, but I'm happy to have a different family of
wormer available.  One of the big reasons they give for horses living
longer happier lives is keeping parasites under control.  Remember the
days of tubing?  Wouldn't go back there for anything.

Lazy ED Bar Canabians (Canadien/Arab crosses)

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