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RE: Ariat Boots & worming

The PreventiCare progam looked really interesting to me, but it won't
work because my horses are in a pasture boarding situation.  However,
I read on another list that there is some resistence to the daily
Strongid C developing. 

The local vets have no problem with us doing our own worming except
to advise against using Quest.

The PreventiCare program is just a strong marketing coalition between
Pfizer and the vet.  Not applicable for us who like to do our own
vaccines and worming!

Ariats - working on my 9th pair.  It's true that their manufacturing
is not always the greatest, but I am in the habit of buying their
seconds discounted anyway.  My last two pairs were Puddlemucks that
sprung leaks pretty quick, but I still wear them to death because
they are the most comfortable shoes for me.  I have an off-brand
pair of paddock boots with superior leather wear, but they just ain't
that comfortable!


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Well, these are the only boot - or shoe - I can buy and wear all day
away.  Needless to say I have lots of them!  I buy them all from the
place, FarmGro, Newberg, Oregon.  If you have any problem with anything 
purchased there they replace it or fix it - no problems.  Right away.
do take mail orders.  Great folks to do business with. 

On the worming issue, we have all our horses signed up for Pfizer's 
PreventaCare program (4 of them, plus 1 26 yr. old who is on the program
not signed up) so they get wormed by the vet 2 x a year and daily
the rest of the time.  I wormed with Quest once and I thought my vet was

going to stroke out.  He is usually pretty good about our doing things 
ourselves but this was one product he was not happy with our using.   


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