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Re: Re: swollen joints in foal

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From: Michelle Fink <>

> The joint problem is Epiphysitis.
> All the advice I have read and got from my vet on feeding weanlings is:
> only grass hay, offer salt, either don't feed or limit grain to a handful
> per day (and it's very important to feed a mix balanced for growing
> My vet said no supplements of any kind for babies.  It's too complicated
> laymen to balance their ration, because balance is critical for growing
> babies.  Better for the weanling to be a bit thin than too fat.  I see
> your friend is already feeding grass hay, so she's got a start on this.
> Hope this helps!
> Michelle
> (Colorado)

This is pretty much what I do, and have done, I did feed a good foal pellet,
1/2 the reccomend amount. She said you should be able to feel, but not see
the ribs


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