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Re: swollen joints in foal

The joint problem is Epiphysitis.

Sounds like she should get a vet out there right away.

My book says to balance the ration - in severe cases feed the animal hay and
a salt/mineral mix, withholding grain until the problem is corrected.  The
change in diet should be combined with an initial 4 to 6 weeks of stall rest
in a deeply bedded stall.  The feet need to be carefully trimmed, if severe
angular deformity is present and is not corrected by rest and diet, surgery
may be necessary.

This may not be the most current thinking on the topic, so best is to get a
good vet on the case.

All the advice I have read and got from my vet on feeding weanlings is: feed
only grass hay, offer salt, either don't feed or limit grain to a handful
per day (and it's very important to feed a mix balanced for growing babies).
My vet said no supplements of any kind for babies.  It's too complicated for
laymen to balance their ration, because balance is critical for growing
babies.  Better for the weanling to be a bit thin than too fat.  I see that
your friend is already feeding grass hay, so she's got a start on this.

Hope this helps!


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