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Sport saddle

I have ridden them for 7 or so years.  I love mine with the stirrups TWO inches back, it feels much more balanced with my legs under me, and eas ier to two point or post.  I have a variety of them, actually 5, slightly different, for different members of the family.  I currently ride a Training and Schooling, becuase I like the bigger pommel and cantle for the green horses.
I love the flexride stirrups with cages, so I can ride with running shoes safely, that all helps absorb the shock. A skito pad is a must, they are shaped to the back of the horse.
There are wrap-around leather thinggies on the stirrup leathers, I ditched those and have a full sheepskin saddle cover-talk about luxury and comfort.  They are made by, and are far better than other commerical ones as they are made specifically for the SS, and custom fitted around the cantle.
I have had very good luck with plain neoprene cinches.
Anyway, the whole set up seems to work,, no sore backs or girth galls.

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