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bitless bridle

i just tried the bitless bridle on two of my horses. in order for it to
be effective the noseband has to be tight, similar to a cavesson....the
endurance horse couldn't get a carrot in his mouth and was resistant to
graze, probably b/c he couldn't get his mouth open. but i bought it
primarily for my other horse who has lost all respect for bits, reins
and cues. i was REAL hopeful this would be the answer to my prayer as i
have been trying various methods over the last year without much
success...even sent him to a trainer....anyway....he ran right through
the bitless bridle and i had little control over him. it says you can
use a bit in addition to the b.b. but i feel this defeats the purpose,
so i'm sending it back. that has been my experience.

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