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RE: UPDATE! Dennis and Julie/Mike Everett

Mike, I am totally shocked at your comment.
It was an honest mistake on my part that I thought Sully was 15.3.  I 
apologized to you and thanked you for helping me measure him while you and 
your freind were here.  I corrected his size on my web site that same weekend 
and it is still corrected to be the 15. 1 that you said it was when helping 

And you never offered me $2000 on any horse.  You offered me $1,500 for Sully 
even though you said you wouldn't want him for yourself, but knew someone 
else you were thinking of saleing him to.

<< It appeared to me that her dream to make big money breeding horses is a 
major contributing factor to her problems. >>
What do you know about my dream?!  I've been doing this for 29 years.  I 
learned the best way to have quality is to start with and breed quality.  I 
researched and studied the bloodlines and Arabian industry for years before 
bringing new lives into the world and I have taken responsibility for doing 
my very best to find them good homes.  I've rescued many horses from abuse 
from all over the country.  I have assisted a police officer in doing so, and 
I did it all at my own expense.  And I have referneces for it all.  Plus I 
have given a few horses away, just to insure their lives were safe.  I never 
bought anything I couldn't pay for.  None of our problems have anything to do 
with our horses.
Looks to me like you're still mad at me for not selling Sully to you for 
$1,500 so you could sale him to someone else and make a profit.

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