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Re: RE: UPDATE! Dennis and Julie/Mike Everett

Dear Julie,
As far as I am concerned, you don't have to explain anything about how you
arrived at the situation in which you now find yourself. To my mind, it is a
very sad and unfortunate thing that you have to defend yourself for not
agreeing to sell your horse at whatever price was offered. In a way, it
remnds me of someone who knows that someone is having a difficult time and
decides to take full advantage by trying to pay considerably less than they
know the item is worth, in the hopes that the seller's difficulties will
force them to concede the sale.
I think your horses are absolutely georgeous and hope you are able to
realize some profit and find them great homes at the same time.
And phooey!!!! 15 1", 15,3" big deal!!!!! Easily could be an honest mistake
and if anyone is looking for a quality horse, I doubt that that would be the
deciding factor.
Best of luck to you and your lovely family.
Pat Super

Subject: RC: RE: UPDATE! Dennis and Julie/Mike Everett

> Mike, I am totally shocked at your comment.
> It was an honest mistake on my part that I thought Sully was 15.3.  I
> apologized to you and thanked you for helping me measure him while you and
> your freind were here.  I corrected his size on my web site that same
> and it is still corrected to be the 15. 1 that you said it was when
> me.
> And you never offered me $2000 on any horse.  You offered me $1,500 for
> even though you said you wouldn't want him for yourself, but knew someone
> else you were thinking of saleing him to.
> << It appeared to me that her dream to make big money breeding horses is a
> major contributing factor to her problems. >>
> What do you know about my dream?!  I've been doing this for 29 years.  I
> learned the best way to have quality is to start with and breed quality.
> researched and studied the bloodlines and Arabian industry for years
> bringing new lives into the world and I have taken responsibility for
> my very best to find them good homes.  I've rescued many horses from abuse
> from all over the country.  I have assisted a police officer in doing so,
> I did it all at my own expense.  And I have referneces for it all.  Plus I
> have given a few horses away, just to insure their lives were safe.  I
> bought anything I couldn't pay for.  None of our problems have anything to
> with our horses.
> Looks to me like you're still mad at me for not selling Sully to you for
> $1,500 so you could sale him to someone else and make a profit.
> Julie
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