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Re: Non-Refundable Pre-Registration/Early Entry Deposit

I just had a major hastle getting pre paid entry back. I will never pre pay again. Annie
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Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 8:56 AM
Subject: RC: Non-Refundable Pre-Registration/Early Entry Deposit

Gene & Shelley Dake
As we were determining our ride schedule for the season and trying to get some conditioning rides in prior to the start of our Midwest schedule, we have come across an atrocious fact!  Some ride management are requiring (and apparently receiving) non-refundable funds with their pre-ride entries.  Not only are they penalizing riders for submitting ride entries early, in addition they are charging an outrageous (up to $25) late fee!!  Living in the Midwest, our weather is not nearly as predictable as other areas of the country.  As well, we have experienced one of the worst winters (so far) this year than we have in several years (at least 10).  Upon inquiring about this non-refundable pre-registration fee of $15 per entry for the Greenway Gallop, I was informed (quite proudly and as a matter-of-fact) that this had been their "practice for six years.  I wouldn't even refund the fee to someone who was a pall bearer."  Oh, I'd be proud to admit that!  Now, this ride is scheduled t!
o have two one-day, 50-mile rides.  I informed this ride representative we intended to bring four horses to her ride, which would mean $60 in non-refundable pre-registration fees.  If we were to have a snow storm which would prohibit us from leaving home (which is entirely possible, and has been known to happen this time of year!), their ride would profit a great deal by circumstances out of our control.  She insisted that she could not make exceptions.  She added "well, you have until March 6 before incurring a $25 LATE FEE.  (Oh, like 10 days before we leave we can depend on not having a snow and/or ice storm!). What if you and/or your horse died before you got to the ride?  Don't suppose that would matter either!  Perhaps the non-refundable pre-registration fee is supposed to be an incentive for us to pay a major fee to get our horses and trailer to the road and take the risk of an accident as we travel under hazardous road conditions.  Having been ride managers ourselves (!
Whetstone in Missouri), it was always to our benefit to have entri
have dreamed (or could we have justified) the exploitation of fees by retaining money of riders unable to get to our ride for whatever reason!  I told her that it was unfortunate that her policy was inflexible, and I was happy for her that her ride was so successful that she could afford to discourage people from coming to her ride.  We put a lot of money into this sport (as we all do), and we travel throughout the Central, Midwest, and Southeast Regions and we will simply NOT ever attend a ride where we have to pay such an exorbitant, outrageous NON-REFUNDABLE fee.  We WILL take our money and our horses elsewhere.  It's really too bad that the Greenway Gallop prefers to only have riders who can depend on their weather to come to their ride!  What's worse is that riders allow this kind of price-gouging to exist, don't we spend enough?!  The entry fee for their 50-mile ride is $70.  We ride National Championship rides for just a few dollars more than that!  Our last words to yo!
u, Greenway Gallop, and any others out there pulling such shenanigans:  shame on you!

Gene & Shelley Dake

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