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Re: baby blues

I took my "babies" with us when we used to  outfit/guide in the
mountains..from the time they were 1 month old. Always on mules.  Started
out with the snuggly on the front of me...I had a large pillow between the
bottom of the snugly and the saddle for added support for my back and
protection for the baby from encounters with the saddle horn (we rode
nothing but big high-backed western saddles.)  As the kids got older, I made
a sling, so they were still attached to me but they faced forward and
basically sat on the pillow. We would ride through some pretty rough
country....and they would sleep pretty much all day, until we made camp.
Then of course they would be wide awake until the middle of the night!  They
were riding by themselves at three...ALWAYS on a mule....and following along
in the pack string.

You better get a mule!!!

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> JB
> Here it is, freezing outside, I have a cold, my baby has a cold
> and I'm just sittin' dreaming of riding.
> But I need advise - my little girl is 13 months old and someday
> I will just have to buy her a horse to ride.  So how early can
> you start?  This spring will I be able to have her ride infront
> of me?  Can I lead her on her own horse?  What's practical?
> What's reasonably safe?  Helmet - of course, but I'm itching
> to get her started, but this spring will make her 1-1/2 years.
> Do I have to curb in my desires for another year or can we get
> on with it.
> Anybody been there, done that?
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