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Re: baby blues

 My daughter rode four days after she was born, in a Snugglie of course, we
had to check a well on the ranch..... The best thing you can do is start
looking for a deadbroke older pony or horse, by the time you find one she
may be ready to tag along. And a good sitter for before that, believe me I
have been there, children grow up fast. Mine is 18 now.:-)
Dru in AZ

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> JB
> Here it is, freezing outside, I have a cold, my baby has a cold
> and I'm just sittin' dreaming of riding.
> But I need advise - my little girl is 13 months old and someday
> I will just have to buy her a horse to ride.  So how early can
> you start?  This spring will I be able to have her ride infront
> of me?  Can I lead her on her own horse?  What's practical?
> What's reasonably safe?  Helmet - of course, but I'm itching
> to get her started, but this spring will make her 1-1/2 years.
> Do I have to curb in my desires for another year or can we get
> on with it.
> Anybody been there, done that?
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