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Re: Moral dilemma

Getting the right trainer can sometimes be difficult but not always bad.  
Two years ago I picked up one of those abused horses so many of us have.  
Enchanter had a hard beginning to live, he was sold as a weanling and his 
new owner started showing him.  This man used force and fear on the poor 
little guy.  When it became apparent that Enchanter was not 'work out' in 
the show ring he was put in a pasture with little feed for 3 years.  
Enchanter did not trust anyone. I took pity on him knowing he most likely 
would end up at the killer.  He was still a stud when I got him!!  We gelded 
him and work on just being nice, he was handled before he got his grain.  I 
am NOT a trainer so knew there was no way I was going to do anything with 
Enchanter.  Luckily for me I know some great people who are trainers and 
endurance riders.  I sent this guy off to Mike Bernsdorf & June Scheunemann 
at Equine Enterprises (  They were wonderful.  
Enchanter will always be an emotional horse but he is now nice to ride.  
This is a horse that would display dangerous behavior when one tried to put 
a halter on before training; I can now tack and ride him alone.  Needless to 
say when my sweet little 4 year old was ready for training off she went to 
June and Mike's.  She now has a great foundation and is very willing and 
happy to work.  I think you need to ask around and get references but one 
needs to be sure that the references are from people who you know.  Also, 
observe the trainers first, I would never send my kids off to day care with 
out really looking at the facility so why would I do the same to my horses.  
It was easy for me since I had lots of time to observe June and Mike at 
endurance rides with their own horses and saw how gentle but firm there 
Good lucků

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