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Re: Treeless saddles vs. regular saddles

Hi Judy -

    I have a Marshall treeless (5+ years now), that I love and several other
treed saddles. Also, I just ordered a brand new Circle Y Form to Fit for my
Arabian, and traded in another treed saddle on a Form to Fit for my Appy.

    I have a big, deep Qh halter bred mare. She is pretty happy in the
treeless, it fits her very well.  I use this on my other horses, too, but it
fits Dani like Mr. Marshall used her for the model :>). She stands 15.3+ and
ways 1390 (on a scale), if that helps you compare.

     I, too find the nice, broad and even sweat patterns after riding this
saddle. They are very secure, and you can feel your horse move under you.
Plus, the light weight is sooo nice when you have to saddle the big ones
(Dani's other saddle weighed 38lbs.) every day. Treeless saddles are
probably one of the nicest developments for our horses since people have
been riding. Not perfect, but way way more horses have been helped by this
saddle than probably any other type of saddle. A very heavy-weight rider can
hurt a horse, but that's gonna happen in a treed saddle, too.

     I also have an American Bear Trap Rancher, and traded in Dani's Rocking
R Wade A-Fork (I'll miss it, but it's just too heavy) on one of the Circle Y
Form to Fit (Park 'n Trail) saddles. Now there's a nice saddle you may also
like. They have flexible plastic bars, and neoprene-lined skirts, verry nice
Softee leather and they are light weight. They are fitted up for trail
riding, including strings and tie-off hardware, crupper ring and wide
stirrups. The rigging is three-way in-skirt. Tex Tan is also making a
similar saddle like this. Weight is under 25lbs.

    I like to alternate between a treed and treeless.

    For pads, I use Toklat and Reinsman, and a vent pad. Sometimes go with
inserts, sometimes go wihout.

Hope This Helps -

Cheryl in WNY
Horse Kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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Subject: RC: Treeless saddles vs. regular saddles

> Judy Dutruch
> I am looking to buy a new saddle and have heard conflicting opinions about
> the treeless saddles....will anyone who has tried both, please let me know
> their opinion. I will be using this saddle on a QH mare built stocky and
> wide with a deep drop from the withers. I will mostly be riding trails.
> Thanks, Judy

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