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Re: RC: Treeless saddles vs. regular saddles

like anything else, treeless saddles aren't for everyone or every horse.  If
your horse is very wide you may want to demo one first, as without a tree to
create a twist, the twist is created by the horse's back so someone with
fairly narrow hips can find it painful.
Poersonally, I can't imagine riding in anything else, which is a good thing as
my gelding is very hard to fit and even the one saddle I know of that has a
tree that does fit him earned me dirty looks when I put it on him.
Check out, Gerri may have a demo you can try .
(Even if you get one and don't like it, resale is pretty easy!, but trying one
is not a bad idea.)
Mickie wrote:

> Judy Dutruch
> I am looking to buy a new saddle and have heard conflicting opinions about
> the treeless saddles....will anyone who has tried both, please let me know
> their opinion. I will be using this saddle on a QH mare built stocky and
> wide with a deep drop from the withers. I will mostly be riding trails.
> Thanks, Judy
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