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Re: Treeless saddles vs. regular saddles

I have the same questions.  I am trying a loaner treeless saddle now on a 10
day trial period.  I am very skeptical but my current saddle with a tree no
longer fits my  fit mule.  If you get private replies ( not posted to
ridecamp) will you please forward them to me?  I will give you some feedback
after Thanksgiving..  I hope to put about 50 miles in on this saddle over a
3 to 4 day long weekend of riding.
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Subject: RC: Treeless saddles vs. regular saddles

> Judy Dutruch
> I am looking to buy a new saddle and have heard conflicting opinions about
> the treeless saddles....will anyone who has tried both, please let me know
> their opinion. I will be using this saddle on a QH mare built stocky and
> wide with a deep drop from the withers. I will mostly be riding trails.
> Thanks, Judy
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