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Re: Moral Dilemma

Libel is printed,  slander is word.  In libel and slander law,  truth is an absolute defense - according to the US Supreme Court.
If the trainer tried to sue you for slander he would have to prove you slandered him.  He'd have to have eye witnesses testify the horse was in as good of condition when you picked her up as when you dropped her off,  etc.  You probably have people who saw your horse after you picked her up,  husband - friends - etc - especially if you board.
If he didn't have any eye witnesses and either did you then it's his word against yours and vice versa and hard to prove anything. 
I'd definitely warn anyone against taking their horse to this trainer for the horses' sake and if there was a way to catch him in the act of breaking the Horse Protection Act,  even if the USDA were to inspect his facility unannounced,  I'd try to get it done.  Anyone that treated my horse, dog, cat,  or kid abusively,  especially to that extent,  I would do everything in my power to see that they aren't able to do it to anyone else's. 
I hope you do something and I hope your horse fully recovers from all of that.

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