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Re: Moral Dilemma

Don't suppose you got pictures of your horse in the horrible condition?

As far as I know, the guy can't scream libel if you're willing to stand up
in court and state what happened to your horse.

Besides, you're not taking out an ad, you're stating your opinion and giving
your account of what happened to your horse.

I'd tell anyone who asks.  Don't pull any punches, give name, date and

Just got my horse back from a trainer.  Thankfully, the trainer was
everything advertised and did exactly what he said he'd do.  And there
wasn't a scratch on him when he came home.

I'm paranoid now and treat trainers the same way I'd treat a day-care
center; The place better be in excellent condition (or at least as clean as
my place), I'd better be allowed to show up at any time unannounced, I want
daily updates, and I go watch a training session at least once a week.

I went down to meet the trainer the first time and I was prepared to pack up
and leave at any moment if I saw anything that looked in any way
out-of-wack.  I watched him work my horse (and watched how quickly the horse
trusted him), told him what I wanted, told him how I was willing to keep up
the training he was to start, saw where my horse would be kept, and where
his food would be and then handed him a check.  After the agreed upon time
was up, I watched him demonstrate all he'd done, then I rode my horse and
learned the cues, thanked him enthusiastically, loaded, left and everybody
was happy.

And if anybody claims to be using Parelli techniques and turns over a horse
covered in scabs from abuse, notify Pagosa Springs.

I'm willing to bet they'll handle the problem. 

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