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Moral Dilemma

I did the same thing with my first mare.  The trainer was supposed to use Parelli, Natural Horsemanship, techniques.  Well, to make a long story short, in under a month, she had injuries all over her, her attitude went from bad to begin with, to dangerous.  My "trainer" called me to come get her because
she was out of control.  The trainer couldn't get near her without her trying to strike him, kick him, bite him.  This trainer was highly recommended.  It took about 6 months for this mare to heal physically, and is still working through the mental problems.

As to your question?  Yes!!! Tell anyone who asks, tell them the details,tell them the name.  You aren't making it up, you were there.  I recently went to an endurance clinic and a woman mentioned taking her horse to this
trainer and I warned her.  She didn't want to believe me, because this trainer was highly recommended to her.  At least I warned her, maybe she'll keep an eye on her horse.  The worst that can happen is the trainer will get angry, but that trainer will never be as angry as I was and still am over his treatment of this poor mare.  

I no longer have the mare. I sent her to a trainer because I didn't have the skill to work through her problems, and he made her problems worse.  She is
now with a woman who has the patience of a saint, the knowledge to deal with it all, and the bravery to keep working with a mare that is just plain mean
now.  I practically gave her away.  She is now an awesome endurance horse, works like a machine, never tires.  I'm glad she went somewhere where she could do her job safely.  She was made for endurance, I wasn't good enough to get her there.

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