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RE:was Trailer fire, now horse habits!

<<I take my horse
off every 3-4 hours anyway, and they NEVER pee in the trailer.>>

Lucky you!  I have 2 horses that show extremes in this area.  My mare never
pees in the trailer (longest I've had her in the trailer was about 4.5 hours
though) and she almost always poops right before I put her in.  She also
likes to go off trail to pee.  We have a gelding that poops as soon as he
gets in the trailer.  And he seems to find a way to squeeze a bit out every
time he loads, even when we were practicing loading.  He pees on every trip,
no matter how short.  This past weekend, we trailered 5 miles, he peed on
the way over, did a slow 3 mile ride while videotaping another horse and
then he peed again on the way back.  He's a mustang btw and we just got
another mustang.  He's showing the same pooping behavior as we practice
trailer loading with him.  Bizarre!

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