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Re: RC: Dog Rules

In a message dated 10/20/01 9:26:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

The real problem is that nobody enforces the rules about
dogs at their own rides. But I would be willing to wager
that were somebody to get disqualified for having their
dog running loose in camp when it is against the ride rule,
and the AERC were to back up the ride manager for doing
this, that the "the rules don't apply to my dog" attitude
would go away REALLY quickly.

..and riders who want to let their dogs run loose can then
go to rides that don't have rules about loose dogs.

Agreed - perhaps actually ENFORCING the rules here and there :) would encourage people to realize that, in spite of the fact that they think that THEY and their dogs are so special the rule doesn't apply to them, indeed they could be next to be sent home.

As for going to rides without rules about loose dogs, frankly, rules of common courtesy, safety and decency would demand that dogs owners who bring their dogs keep them out of my hair, because rules or not, if a dog pees on my saddle pad or steals my dinner, takes a dump at the foot of my trailer where I step out in the morning, I HAVE AND WILL HUNT DOWN THE OWNER!

Finally, I don't get why people profess to "love" the dogs so much as to want to take then absolutely everywhere, yet they let them run loose with rattlesnakes active horses and vehicles everywhere. Duh! Don't get too attached to the looks of your dog if it runs loose near my mare - she can re-arrange those looks in one quick cow kick, and I won't blame her. I don't want dogs chasing me or my horses, our dogs stay home in safety, and I resent being subjected to someone else's priorities - when they put them in front of anything that constitutes common sense or safety. Safety. that's a BIG one to me. As I tell my students, things go wrong and people get hurt around horses when you do everything RIGHT. Why would you take a chance and do something wrong?? Having had a neighbor's dogs once take a bite out of my weanling's nose on OUR property, I continue to have a healthy resentment for those who think their pets' rights come above anyone else's.

No, we don't NEED more rules - just more people with courtesy and common sense. As for not being able to go to a ride because there might be no one to take care of Rover - oh well! I have had to stay home for those reasons - that's life. My house gets cleaned on those occasions:)!

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