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Dog Rules

Steve Shaw said:

> I would like to have some support from the AERC.


> I believe that AERC sanctioned rides should have a policy about dogs.

Since different venues for endurance rides
(by nature of the property owners of the venue)
have different requirements about dogs, I think
that a specific AERC policy about dogs is
inappropriate.  I am of the opinion that ride
managers should be allowed to make their own
rules about dogs at their rides.  And these rules,
just like any other rules (other than the AERC
ones) that ride managers decide to have at their
rides, should be published and explained to the

The support that the AERC should then give to
ride managers is support in disqualifying anybody
who breaks the rules (just like they would for any
other ride rule) were a disqualified person to protest,
and support in sanctioning any ride manager who makes
added rules but then doesn't enforce them (just as it
would were a disgruntled participant to protest the ride
for not enforcing any of the other rules).

Then, ride managers could have whatever policy regarding
dogs that they think appropriate for their venue and their
clientele; and riders could choose rides that have dog
policies that they can live with.

The real problem is that nobody enforces the rules about
dogs at their own rides. But I would be willing to wager
that were somebody to get disqualified for having their
dog running loose in camp when it is against the ride rule,
and the AERC were to back up the ride manager for doing
this, that the "the rules don't apply to my dog" attitude
would go away REALLY quickly.

..and riders who want to let their dogs run loose can then
go to rides that don't have rules about loose dogs.

Ride managers can decide for themselves which riders they
want to cater to, and how they want to do so.

So, Steve, if you want to run your ride requiring all dogs
to be restrained (you had better define exactly what you
mean by restrained) and you don't want dogs at your vet
checks; just make the rules.

And then enforce them by disqualifying anybody who breaks
them.  The AERC rules already exist that will support you
for doing this.

Whether riders will support you for doing this by continuing
to come to your ride is another question.  Probably some will
and some won't (which is as it should be, there is no reason
that every AERC ride in the country should cater to one set
of preferences with regards to dog rules).

Orange County, Calif.

p.s.  The AERC cannot act, of course, unless somebody files a maybe I will take a page out of the book of Bob
Morris and state:  I will file a protest against any ride
manager who makes rules about dogs at their ride, and then
doesn't enforce them when an infraction is brought to their
attention. :)

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