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Re: Help! Down horse!

Hi Barbara
Hope it's OK with you that I also cc ridecamp but I forgot to mention
that Mon evening Mark and a neighbor rigged up the tow truck and put a
strap where the girth would be and the other strap (about as wide as a
girth too) back farther (just before the family jewels). They hoisted
him up and he flailed with his front end--- hung with his back--- they
were afraid of hurting him so lowered him down.
When the vet heard about this attempt, he wanted us to try on Tues. Same
thing--- flailed with front but not coordinated with back but then vet
said that could be due to their instinct to hang loose when suspended
like that. Decided not to try again because we do not have the type of
suspension system to be effective. I just thought of rigging up a horse
blanket between the straps for more even pressure but then danger of him
crashing into truck and how to lower and get him to put weight on hind
Thanks for your suggestion

barbara marcius wrote:
> Bette,
> Is there any way to get him in any type of sling?  Seems that getting him up
> would be a primary concern at this point in time?  I've heard of the belly
> slings made from those wide webbed straps truckers use to secure a load.
> Would he tolerate this?  What a horrifying thing to go thru. Mentally, he
> obviously wants to live. Is he still by the tree?  A tractor and those
> slings could right him.
> Please keep me updated, that's all I can think of at this moment. Bless his
> heart.
> Barbara
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> From: Bette Lamore <>
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> Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 11:45 AM
> Subject: RC: Help! Down horse!
> > Hope someone out there has had experience with this
> > Day 1 Sunday: I have a 2 year old gelded son of Halynov who ran into a
> > tree branch we believe last Sat night and was discovered Sun mid morning
> > lying down in pasture--- nothing unusual until he wouldn't get up and
> > then we lifted up his forelock to see a 1/2 inch opening between his
> > ears, closer to the right one. It looked almost like a bullet wound
> > until the vet fished around a found a three inch stick in there, about a
> > 1/2 inch wide and a 6 inch track. He cleaned it out and gave him 60cc of
> > Dexamethazone, IV DMSO,5 liters of fluids, banamine and a heavy duty
> > antibiotic, daquill (?). He said our only hope was to kill any infection
> > and bring down the swelling (in his face on the right side to his eye
> > and most likely inside as well. He was not using his back legs much---
> > like a weakness--- but had normal respiratory, normal temp and within
> > normal pulse, etc. He was peeing and pooping and started to show a
> > renewed interest in life as the day wore on.
> > Day 2 Monday: Much more alert--- playing with us with his lips---
> > getting carrots, hay and grain and water on demand--- sitting up but
> > still too weak to stand. 50cc of dexamethazone, banamine, Daquill and
> > changing bandage again shooting in cephaliprine (lactating cow
> > antibiotic) into the hole and again pushing a gauze bandage as a "plug".
> > Vet said if he doesn't stand by Tues we may want to put him down.
> > Day 3 Tuesday: We had been focusing on the head wound (which actually
> > did not appear to puncture the skull but did run along the top side of
> > the first vertebrate, leading us to believe that swelling could be the
> > problem and if we could only bring it down... This time I decided to
> > focus on the right hip and lower spine as it occurred to me that he may
> > have injured himself on the fall down. He instantly responded to
> > neurokinesiology (accupressure) with chewing indicated relief. We also
> > lifted the back leg as high as possible to "pop" his back.
> > The vet arrived to give THE SHOT and I asked him to hotshot him to see
> > if we could encourage him to stand up. He got his legs under him and
> > started too but was too weak in the hind end---- A REPRIEVE! The vet
> > said it was encouraging and we could have more time. He gave him
> > everything as above but again 60 cc Dexamethazone (we were going for
> > broke realizing the danger of founder with steroids but also realizing
> > everyday not standing, Scimitar's chances went down. Checked with
> > Charlie Boles--- said we now had 5% chance but were doing everything
> > right. Heck--- SOMEONE wins the lottery! Again stayed down with him all
> > day and all night--- giving water, food, encouragement.... and his
> > spirits were good. Only negative, a few sores from trying to stand and
> > laying down-- but treated with Corona. Spirits good.
> > Day 4 Wed: Still had not stood up. We prepared for the vet's arrival and
> > THE SHOT. He was so perky the vet decided to change the bandage first
> > and now he had recognition of pain there and ALMOST stood up---- 2/3 up
> > with the hind legs. Vet gave another reprieve--- he was getting
> > stronger. Same regimen except IV bute rather than banamin and only 40cc
> > of dexamethazone. We tried to work with popping back again but he did
> > not want anymore of that--- did like the pressure point work. A little
> > irony, Mark had gone up to get something to eat and some freeway driver
> > saw the horse in the field and the Sheriff had to come out to see if we
> > were abusing the horse. I should be so abused! DMSO again--- smells like
> > we live in a Korean restaurant!
> > Day 5 Thurs: Looked perky in morning. Vet said he was going to let him
> > rest and get up on his own-- he crashed hard the previous day and we
> > feared that if we pushed him too soon, he might fall, giving himself a
> > concussion. 15cc Dexamethazone, IV bute, daquill Eating drinking and
> > pooping--- no temp and good spirits. Wants people around him 24/7. Put
> > his sister next to him for cheering up--- she promptly stole his grain
> > and tried to bite him over it. Bad idea but it didi perk him up--- he
> > was happy to see her anyway.
> > Day 6 Friday: I had to go to work--- cried eyes out in the mourning,
> > certain THE SHOT would be
> > given as he had not tried to get up during the night and seemed terribly
> > depressed before I left. I was away from the office all day. Came back
> > to the office to hear a message "horse perked up for vet--- sat up and
> > appeared on the verge of getting up. Either he is feeling better or he
> > wants to avoid the hot shot. ANOTHER REPRIEVE! 15cc dexamethazone, IV
> > bute and daquill. Didn't mind bandage change as much. Given a full body
> > message by a masseuse who also gave my husband one (oh that I was
> > there!.. Sleeping in the van in the cold...the aches..)
> > Day 7 Saturday: TODAY and the vet has not yet arrived. No real tries at
> > getting up last night so far as rear end. Trying to get a hold of an
> > possible for a horse to be down a week and then get up???? Are we facing
> > insurmountable odds? He wants to live--- when do we pull the plug?
> > Thank you for any help anyone can offer.
> > Bette
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Bette Lamore
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