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Definition of an Endurance Saddle

The question of what makes a good endurance saddle could be debated in
this form for years.  The best is one that fits
you and your horse properly.  Don't go out and buy one just because your
friends tell you it's the most popular thing since
sliced bread.  We have been dealing in saddles for over 12 years and have
went through many manufactures to find what
could be defined as a near perfect saddle, (Notice I say near perfect.) as
there is always room for improvement. Our experience
in endurance riding and general trail riding has taken us to the Rocking-R
saddles.  Master saddle maker, Richard Watson
works with his dealers and makes only improvements in his product that
will benefit both rider and horse.  His latest endurance
model the "Distance Rider" lives up to its name:  Light weight, strong,
easy to fit all horses, and quality far superior to
previous "flex panel systems".  We are proud to carry such a product,
"MADE IN THE USA". If you need more information
please feel free to contact us and we will share all we can.

J&G Ranch

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