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completions in 100s - something to consider

In response to:

In your normal 100, the average completion rate is 50 %.  

Actually if you go to the stats page for all the AERC rides for the whole year -
it's as below

     LD          50       75     2day 100   100

  87-88%         86%     80-83%   78-79%   61-62%

This is for the past 4 years.  Interesting sharp drop off after 75 miles.  Natural
limits, stress levels, higher profile rides like Tevis, OD, NC... or ???

there were about 60-70 100 mile rides per year.  When you look at the 2 day 100s -
completion rates go back up to the 79-79% rate.

The completion rate in 2001 for 100s is running even lower - 59%.


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