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Loose dogs

>You know, what kills me is when the ride management says "No Loose Dogs
>Allowed" and ride managements own dogs are loose. Hmm. Go figure. Deb

One of the rides in this region clearly states "all dogs must be on leash"
and yet someone affiliated with the campground lets their two dogs run.
Makes me insane. These two dogs seem to be harmless, but some dogs are
extremely territorial when on leash or tied up when some other dog is loose.

What about crates or ex-pens? Anyone here ever been to a dog training club,
dog show or agility show? It's row upon row of dogs hanging out in ex-pens
or crates behaving themselves. Dogs fights rarely break out. (I really can't
remember one, but I'm not fool enough to say they don't happen.) We took our
two dogs (one was a 5 mo. old, 40+ lb. pup who is in OBEDIENCE training,
what a concept) to the above mentioned campground, set up their crates, gave
them some chew toys and they were happy. They could see everything and I
knew that no loose dogs could get to them. At night, they slept in the
truck, although if it were hot, they could sleep in their crates like they
do at home. When I only have the one dog, I like to either keep her in the
truck or in my truck bed tent.

Why on earth was a dog who is known to like to hang on a horse's tail
running loose? That's ridiculous! If that dog got a hold of any horse in my
camp, I'm afraid there might be a dead dog and it just might not be caused
by the horse, although the horses I know would not hesitate to kick that
sucker into next week. (Sail dog!)

Deanna (Ohio) #M30478
If you can't control 'em, don't be bringin' 'em!

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