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Re: RC: RE: Dealing Responsibly with Injured People

One problem is releases are worth about as much as the paper they are
written on. They don't prevent anyone from sueing and if they do the
release will be the first thing thrown out.

You can't protect yourself with paper. You need a plan to take care of
potential problem that might arise. Human injury at an endurance ride is
always a potential risk.

Some things you might want to think about doing. Contact the local fire
department prior to the ride and tell they about the ride and put them on
alert that there could be a problem. Contact the local Sheriff about the
same thing. I've actually had the fire department station an EMT unit at
base camp instead of the fire house. If there was a call they would
respond but they were on site. It didn't cost me anything and they did
take care of a few minor injuries.

If this is not possible and it always isn't, have a plan of how to handle
emergencies and discuss it at the ride meeting. Have the necessary first
aid supplies on hand and have people available to aid riders who are
injured on trail.

A little planning and a little forethought could save a life.


Jim Beidle wrote:

> Here's my take on this; Why not make emergency data
> and EMS release part of the waiver we sign at the
> ride? Something to the effect "If you are involved in
> a serious incident, you give us (RM) permission to
> call in EMS. Further, provide your emergency contact's
> info below, in case you aren't able to function".

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