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RE: RE: Dealing Responsibly with Injured People

Title: RE: RE: Dealing Responsibly with Injured People

I was at a party at the Ranch where someone decided to get on her new horse bareback at dusk without anyone around.  We found her on the ground – did not see the incident, but it was pretty obvious that she hit her head.  Someone there was a nurse and was adamant that she get to the hospital ASAP. She was sitting up and was able to walk and talk.  And talk she did – she did not really want us to take her to the hospital.  She started to get adamant about it in on the drive there and put on a good “princess” act – like “This is NOT OKAY!”.  We ignored her and told her that she had to go to the hospital.

She spent the night in the hospital and later called me up to thank me for taking her to the Hospital.  She did have a concussion and lost her sense of smell from the accident.  And thankfully, she has taken to wearing a helmet now.

I don’t know.  I probably would do the same thing over again.  I hate to think that we as a society are so litigious that we can’t help one another without getting sued.

Of course, this is not at an endurance ride and I’m not ride management.  But I’m not  sure that I wouldn’t do the same thing even in that position.


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