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I love my ten dogs.
They do not travel with me, however.
I don't mind a dog at a ride, if they are social, don't bark all night and 
poop in front of their own owners door.
    I was bit at a ride by a blue heeler who laid in wait beneath a 
trailer...leaped out and latched on to my left calf.
    Really hurt.
    He was tied....
    The owners were infinitely inconsiderate and couldn't have cared less 
when I asked why they would bring a dog who attacks and bites to a ride.
    I've never been bit by a dog before or since and I am considered a 
"dog-person" by those who know me.
    I'd be okay with dogs at basecamps as long as they don't bite.
    ....and if they were kept tied or on leashes.
    I would never bring my Rottweiler to a basecamp and let him run 
loose....but, turnabout is fair play, I guess. <g>

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