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As long as they don't bite.....
As long as people keep them on leash.....
As long as they don't bark all night......
As long as they don't pee on someone's saddle left on the ground.....
As long as they don't raid someone's food supply.......
As long as they don't chase or harass horses.....

And a few more "as long as".....

Now does anyone wonder why ride managers are so irritated about dogs coming
to rides?????

Well, Steve Shaw, you got what you wanted.  You brought up a subject that
was bound to spark a lot of controversy, so I hope you are completely
satisfied.  It seems to be what you do best.


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> I love my ten dogs.
> They do not travel with me, however.
> I don't mind a dog at a ride, if they are social, don't bark all night and
> poop in front of their own owners door.
>     I was bit at a ride by a blue heeler who laid in wait beneath a
> trailer...leaped out and latched on to my left calf.
>     Really hurt.
>     He was tied....
>     The owners were infinitely inconsiderate and couldn't have cared less
> when I asked why they would bring a dog who attacks and bites to a ride.
>     I've never been bit by a dog before or since and I am considered a
> "dog-person" by those who know me.
>     I'd be okay with dogs at basecamps as long as they don't bite.
>     ....and if they were kept tied or on leashes.
>     I would never bring my Rottweiler to a basecamp and let him run
> loose....but, turnabout is fair play, I guess. <g>
>        Frank.
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