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Re: RC: TWH in Endurance

I've got a TWH mare in the pasture with almost 2000 miles. I retired he
in '96 for the purpose of breeding. She has done all distances from 25 to
100 mile rides. She has completeed the ROC. She has both won rides and
won BC.

The thing to look for is the same thing you look for in any horse, good
legs and feet, the proper muscle type and a resting heart rate compatible
with the sport.

I think it might take a bit longer to condition a TWH (or any non Arab
for that matter), once conditioned they will provide many hours of
enjoyment on the trail.


Mike Shea wrote:

> Hey,
> I'm located in NC, and last winter had the pleasure of
> riding a Walking Horse for a day at some field trials.
>  We probably only went for about 10 miles alltogether,
> but it was a blast.
> I'm interested to know if any endurance riders use TWH
> or other gaited horses in endurance events.
> If so, what should I be looking for in a TWH endurance
> horse?
> Also looking for suggestions on upcoming events to
> attend in the Southeast as a spectator.
> Thanks,
> Mike

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