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TWH in Endurance

Tennessee Walking Horses are used in endurance, as are other breeds, and 
with proper conditioning, they can succeed. The key is proper 
conditioning, and looking for an individual horse that has some natural 
endurance, as well as good conformation, good legs and feet. There are 
quite a few rides in the area, both North Carolina and South Carolina. I 
manage the Hallelujah Ride in February. If you like gaited horses, my 
"partner in crime" has Paso Finos that she rides in 25s. Although 
Arabians seem to have the kind of recoveries and endurance  to keep 
going year after year, individual horses from any breed can compete, and 
if they are conditioned and managed well, can be successful. AERC 
records show many breeds of horses competing. Arabians are more popular, 
but any equine is eligible. The  important thing is that you and your 
equine partner get along well together, enjoy each other's company on 
the long trails, and take care of each other.
Lucie Hancock

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