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Re: RC: Dogs


You know, Sunny does the same thing.  He is very tolerant of quiet dogs,
in fact, my dog Maggie comes over and stands for him to "groom" her. 
However, under saddle or otherwise, he will chase strange dogs out of
the pasture...(JUST missed a couple of tails as they went under the
fence) :) and "strike" with his front feet or "cow kick" any dog who
attacks him or gets too close barking.  I have never discouraged
this....I feel he has the right to protect himself.  When I first moved
up to North Georgia, everyone asked wasn't I worried about the Coyotes?
I said, well, yeah.....if one one them gets in Sunny's pasture he could
be in trouble! <grin>

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

Kelly wrote:
> My horse must have had a bad experience with dogs
> in the past- he goes after them.. The last barn
> we were at had Blue Heelers taught to heard, and
> when the people would go inside they would "play"
> and chase the horses..I did not like this at all
> but luckily my horse always put a stop to it by
> chasing them down and snapping his teeth. -got a
> tail once-  He doesnt do it while I'm on him, or
> leading him, just when he's loose...and I bet
> he'd be pretty mad if one was on his tail.
> -Kelly

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