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Re: RC: Dogs

My horse must have had a bad experience with dogs
in the past- he goes after them.. The last barn
we were at had Blue Heelers taught to heard, and
when the people would go inside they would "play"
and chase the horses..I did not like this at all
but luckily my horse always put a stop to it by
chasing them down and snapping his teeth. -got a
tail once-  He doesnt do it while I'm on him, or
leading him, just when he's loose...and I bet
he'd be pretty mad if one was on his tail.

--- "Corbelletta, Antonio"
<> wrote:
> I agree.  One should not start stories that are
> not true.  However,I have a
> real problem with dog owners who do not control
> their dogs, both at rides
> and at home.  One ride we went to the folks
> near us had two Rotties.  Our
> German Shepherds are on leash always.  The two
> Rotties roamed all over camp,
> and then would come over to our camp.  Then
> they started to get into a fight
> with our dogs.  I told these folks several
> times during the weekend to
> please keep the dogs under control.  No
> response from them.  Drove me crazy
> trying to keep the Rotties away from my mare
> who WILL kick.  I guess I
> should have let her kick them.  But then I
> would be in trouble.  No wonder
> ride managers don't allow them, they got enough
> things to worry about.  I
> can imagin what my horses would have done if a
> dog was hanging off their
> tail!  I think there would be a dead dog.  
> Tony
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> Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 9:11 AM
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> Subject: RC: Dogs
> Kerry
> No, Bobs  "pack of dogs' did not attack a
> horse,  He has one dog that
> thinks it is fun to swing from a tail,  there
> was no
> injury, no harm no fowl, just a surprised
> horse, which is not to say that
> it is OK.  But this is how vicious and hurting 
> rumors
> start. People who were not there talking as if
> they were, and trying to
> sound as if they know something they do not,  I
> was
> there. Bob and his dogs were at my camp for
> coffee several times.  No
> problem...... Annie G.
> Anne George Saddlery
> That's great that the dog just loves to swing
> off horses tails.  Did the
> horse know it???  I know for sure that ALL my
> horses would go  ballistic and the dog would
> have been kicked dead.  How
> fun can it get?
> I have a horse sitting in my barn that was
> attacked by a dog (while we
> were riding) and at one point the dog was
> swinging off his tail -- when he'd missed
> trying to bite his hamstring and
> got his teeth hung up in the tail..  The dog
> also got him in the throat, on the muzzle, and
> bit through to the bone
> ripping through muscle on one of his front legs
> resulting in months of rehab and  a $600 vet
> bill.  Sorry.  No sympathy
> here.
> BTW -- what was the dog doing lose in camp?
> Kerry
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