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Re: RE: Dogs

This is why I get into a snit fit because of dogs at a ride.  So far, riders
have been appreciative of the special, semi-detached area I designate for
campers with dogs.  We do not allow dogs in the main camp, at the vet-in
site, or at the start-finish line, and dogs are to be confined at all times.
There is always someone who sneaks a dog or dogs into the main camp, but the
dogs are usually in a camper or trailer and the riders are very careful to
avoid me!  I snarl and breathe fire at people who defy our dog laws.

Barbara McCrary
Ride manager, Swanton Pacific 75/100

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Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 9:40 AM
Subject: RC: RE: Dogs

> I agree.  One should not start stories that are not true.  However,I have
> real problem with dog owners who do not control their dogs, both at rides
> and at home.  One ride we went to the folks near us had two Rotties.  Our
> German Shepherds are on leash always.  The two Rotties roamed all over
> and then would come over to our camp.  Then they started to get into a
> with our dogs.  I told these folks several times during the weekend to
> please keep the dogs under control.  No response from them.  Drove me
> trying to keep the Rotties away from my mare who WILL kick.  I guess I
> should have let her kick them.  But then I would be in trouble.  No wonder
> ride managers don't allow them, they got enough things to worry about.  I
> can imagin what my horses would have done if a dog was hanging off their
> tail!  I think there would be a dead dog.
> Tony
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> Subject: RC: Dogs
> Kerry
> No, Bobs  "pack of dogs' did not attack a horse,  He has one dog that
> thinks it is fun to swing from a tail,  there was no
> injury, no harm no fowl, just a surprised horse, which is not to say that
> it is OK.  But this is how vicious and hurting  rumors
> start. People who were not there talking as if they were, and trying to
> sound as if they know something they do not,  I was
> there. Bob and his dogs were at my camp for coffee several times.  No
> problem...... Annie G.
> Anne George Saddlery
> That's great that the dog just loves to swing off horses tails.  Did the
> horse know it???  I know for sure that ALL my
> horses would go  ballistic and the dog would have been kicked dead.  How
> fun can it get?
> I have a horse sitting in my barn that was attacked by a dog (while we
> were riding) and at one point the dog was
> swinging off his tail -- when he'd missed trying to bite his hamstring and
> got his teeth hung up in the tail..  The dog
> also got him in the throat, on the muzzle, and bit through to the bone
> ripping through muscle on one of his front legs
> resulting in months of rehab and  a $600 vet bill.  Sorry.  No sympathy
> here.
> BTW -- what was the dog doing lose in camp?
> Kerry
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