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What you were guessing at would, in theory, put Icelandics in the 
675-700 lb. range.  Every one I've seen has been in the 800-900 lb. 
range... it's not that I run around measuring each one I see with a 
weight measurement tape, but they *are* stocky, fuzzy equine tanks.  
They carry adult men easily, and I imagine the right one would carry 
270 as well.   Actually, from what I understand, they would carry men 
in full suits of armor, but I could be confusing them with other 
horses.  Anyone else have additional input/experience with this?

Kindest Regards,

Tracey Ritter
Portland, OR

Tracey Ritter, on 10/18/2001

>sindy mccosker
>Isn't 270 lbs. a bit large for an Icelantic? Can they carry 40% of 
>their body weight?  Just wondering?

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